International Seminar
"Mathematics, Statistics and Computation
to Support Measurement Quality"

June 5-7, 2002
D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology


L.Issaev (VNIIMS, Moscow)
Metrology and Physics

V.A.Slaev, A.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, St.Petersburg)
The Prospects for Application of the 'Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement' in Russia

W.Woeger (PTB, Germany)
Information based probability distribution function (pdf) for a quantity

A.S.Yevdokimov, P.J.Kuperman, Ye.V.Markova (RosTest-Moscow, Russia)
Difficulties and Unsolved Problems which Appear in Introduction of the Concept "Uncertainty of a Measurement" into Practice with the Aim to Harmonize Home and International Documentary Standards and Norms

G.N.Solopchenko (St.Petersburg Technical University)
On the Quality Evaluation of Measurement Results

Maurice G. Cox, Peter M. Harris (National Physical Laboratory, UK) and Bernd R-.L. Siebert (PTB, Germany)
Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty Based on the Propagation of Distributions Using Monte Carlo Integration

N.V.Hovanov (St.Petersburg State University)
Discrete Variable's Measurement Using Non-numerical, Inexact, and Incomplete Information on Probabilities' Distribution

F.Pavese (Istituto di Metrologia 'G.Colonnetti', CNR, Torino, Italy), P.Ciarlini (Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo 'M.Picone', CNR, Roma, Italy)
Some basic questions in the treatment of intercomparison data

A.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, St.Petersburg)
Problems of the decision making on the basis of measurement information

A.E.Fridman (VNIIM, St.Petersburg)
Generalized Normal Distribution Law of Errors

S.F.Levin (ROSTEST-Moscow, Russia)
Measurement Problems of Structural Identification of Mathematical Models of Physical Objects

V.V.Rastoskuyev (The Research Center for Ecological Safety of the Russian Academy of Science, St.Petersburg, Russia)
An Expert Statistical System for Treatment of Data Obtained in Monitoring of Air Pollution

E.Filipe (Instituto Portuguкs da Qualidade, Portugal)
Validation of Calibration Methods

H.Moeck (PTB, Germany)
Analysis of comparison data of acceleration measurements

M.Cox, P.Harris (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
Proposed International Guidelines for the Statistical Analysis of Key Comparisons

I.A. Kharitonov (VNIIM, St.Petersburg)
On the Choice of an Algorithm for Processing the Results of Key Comparisons to Establish the Equivalence of National Standards

L.Nielsen (Danish Institute of Fundamental Metrology (DFM), Copenhagen)
Identification and Handling of Discrepant Measurements in Key Comparisons

A.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, St.Petersburg)
Different Approaches to Determination of the Reference Value and Degrees of Equivalence in Key Comparisons

The full text of most papers is published in
"Measurement Techniques" in 2003