International Seminar
Mathematics, statistics and computation to support measurement quality
28-30 June, 2006, D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology, St.Petersburg, Russia

B.Yu.Lemeshko, S.B.Lemeshko, E.P.Mirkin, V.M.Ponomarenko, S.N.Postovalov, E.V.Chimitova (Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia)
Computer Simulation as an Extension of Applied Means of Classical Methods in Mathematical Statistics

N.V.Hovanov (St. Petersburg State University, Russia)
Bayesian Model of Elimination of the Measurand Estimate Bias when Several Measuring Instruments with Systematic Errors Are Use

A.B.Forbes (National Physical Laboratory, UK), L.R.Pendril (SP Measurement Technology, Sweden)
Optimised Decision-Making in Conformity Assessment

S.V. Muravyov (Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia)
Multisensor Data Fusion in Ordinal Scale

Wolfram Bremser (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Germany), and Corinna Frommold (Freie Universität Berlin, Ägyptologisches Seminar, Gremany)
Multivariate Data Analysis in an Archaeometric Application

W.Woeger (PTB, Germany)
A Bayesian View of the Least Squares Method

I.P.Zakharov (Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine)
Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Taking into Account the Observed and Logical Correlations

Klaus-Dieter Sommer, Karina Weibensee (LMET, Germany), Bernd R.L.Siebert, Manfred Kochsiek (PTB, Germany)
Analytical Approach to the Quantification of Consumer’s and Producer’s Risks in Deciding Conformity of Measuring Instruments

S.F.Levin (Moscow Institute of Expertise and Tests, Russia)
Uncertainty in Wide and Narrow Meanings and Results of Measuring Problems Solutions

E.A.Golubev (VNIIMS, Russia)
On the Alternative Way of Uncertainty Evaluation

Yu.G.Kostyleva, I.P.Mysev (Research-and-Engineering Center “SNIIP”, Russia)
Optimum Confidence Probability of Particular Cases of the Composition of Error Component Distributions

E.I.Tsvetkov (St.Petersburg Technical University, Russia)
Reliability of the Metrological Certification Results

Bernd R.L. Siebert, Dieter Sibold (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany) and Klaus Sommer (Landesamt für Mess- und Eichwesen Thüringen (LMET), Germany)
Use of Monte Carlo and analytical procedures in range calibrations

V.I.Dvorkin (A.V.Topchiev Petrochemical Synthesis Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russia)
Trends in Metrology of Population Investigations

T.A.Kompan , A.S.Korenev, A.Ya.Lukin (VNIIM, Russia)
Error Control and Reliability Control for Measurement Results of the Phase Shift in an Interferometric Dilatometer

V.I.Danilov, K.V.Pavlichev, A.A.Zagumenyi (Institute of Physics of Strength and Materials Technology of the SO RAN, Russia) I.O.Bolotina (Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia)
Apparatus and Mathematical Support of the Speckle Interferometry Method for Investigation of Plastic Deformation Localization

S.E.Verozubov, A.N.Pepelyshev, V.Ya.Smirnov, V.L.Fedorin, V.L.Schur (VNIIM, Russia)
Improvement of the Measurement Accuracy of Vibration Parameters by Means of Laser Interferometers

A.N.Samoylenko, V.V.Zayets (Research Institute of Measurement Assurance of Geometric, Mechanical and Vibroacoustic Quantities of Ukrmetrteststandart, Ukraine)
Upgrading the Verification of Vertical Vessels by Means of Modern Surveying Instruments and Measurement Processing Methods

Liron Anavy, Eng. Boris Katz (Quality Control Center (QCC) Hazorea, Israel)
Calibration of Force and Force Derivatives Parameters – Using a Computerized System

V.G.Chuiko (VNIIFTRI, Russia)
Calibration Chain as a Tool of Traceability Control

D.Richter (PTB, Germany)
Validation of Data Processing Software in Metrology

О.M.Velychko (State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandard”, Ukraine)
Peculiarities of Normative Assurance of Certification of Measurement Instruments Software

S.V.Korostin (VNIIFTRI, Russia)
Some Particularities of the Modern International Metrology Cooperation

A.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia), A.Link, C.Elster (PTB, Germany)
Comparison of Different Approaches for the Linking of RMO and CIPM Key Comparisons

I.A.Kharitonov, A.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia)
International Comparisons as an Instrument for Confirming Calibration and Measurement Capabilities of NMIs and Providing Traceability on an International Scale

I.A.Kharitonov, A.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia)
Evaluation of Key Comparison Data in the Presence of Several Groups of Measurement Results Obtained by Different Primary Methods

N.Efremova (BelGIM, Belarus), А.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia)
Experience of the Evaluation of Interlaboratory Comparisons Data for Verification, Calibration Laboratories. Common Reasoning and Particular Outcomes

G.R.Nezhikhovsky (VNIIM, Russia)
Checking up Calibration Characteristics in Procedures of Chemical Analysis

V.I.Paneva, O.B.Ponomaryova, S.V.Spakov (Ural Research Institute for Metrology, Russia)
Interlaboratory Comparison Tests as an Instrument of Experimental Verification of the Laboratory Technical Competence

D.P.Nalobin, E.V.Osintseva (UNIIM, Russia)
Uncertainty Estimation of the Certified Values of Reference Materials

O.M.Velychko (“Ukrmetrteststandart”, Ukraine), T.B.Gordiyenko (“UkrNDNTs”, Ukraine)
Comparison of Uncertainty Assessment in the International Metrological and Environmental Guides

L.A.Konopelko, A.E.Fridman, A.V.Kolobova, D.N.Selukov (VNIIM, Russia)
Ways of Increasing Accuracy of Certification of Gravimetric Standard Gas Mixtures

G.V.Eletsky (VNIIM, Russia)
Dataware Providing the Reliability Control of Measurement Results with Distributed Automated Systems for Ecological Monitoring

O.B. Ponomaryova, A.Yu.Kropanyov (Ural Research Institute for Metrology, Russia)
The Ways of Improvement of Computerized Laboratory-informative Systems – Effective Tools for Automatization of the Activities of Testing Laboratories and Optimization of Their Quality Systems

N.A.Denisova (VNIIM, Russia), I.M.Lesnov (NP "Sevzapstandart, Russia)
Forecasting Indoor Air Conditions on the Basis of the Results Obtained in Measuring Speed Values of Formaldehyde Desorption from Furniture

A.S.Katkov (VNIIM, Russia)
Analysis of Ultimate Capabilities of Zener References and Null Detectors Using Allan Transformation

A.A.Kostoglotov, A.A.Kuznetsov (Rostov military institute, Russia)
Synthesis on the Basis of A.N.Tikhonov Regularization Principle of Processing Algorithms of the Measuring Information of Measuring-Information Systems

O.V.Kochergina, A.I.Averbukh (FGUP “Ural Research Institute for Metrology”, Russia)
The Main Aspects of Application of the Experiment-Calculated Method for Estimation of the Uncertainty of Measurement Results for the Procedures of the Analysis of Air Industrial Emissions and Atmospheric Air

S.F.Levin (Moscow Institute of expertise and tests, Russia)
Identification of Metrological Characteristics of the Functional Type under Conditions of Uncertainty

Е.А.Ramazanova-Stepkina (International school of technical legislation and quality management, Ukraine)
Providing the Quality of Testing on the Basis of the ISO/IEC 17025 Introduction

A.V.Stepanov (VNIIM, Russia)
Comparative Analysis of Algorithms for Evaluating Key Comparison Data in the Presence of Linear Drift of a Travelling Measurement Standard

F.Finkel, E.Bystrov (VNIIM, Russia)
Neural network method for activity measuring in environmental samples