International Seminar
"Mathematics, Statistics and Computation to Support Measurement Quality"
30 June - 2 July, 2009
VNIIM, St.Petersburg, Russia


Section I. General Problems of Measurement

H.Radev (Technical University, Bulgaria)
About the Approaches to Measurement

N.V.Hovanov (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)
Construction Model of Stable, Aggregated Measuring Standard

F.Pavese (INRIM, Italy)
On the Degree of Subjectivity in Quantitative Measurements in Metrology

I.Lira (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile)
On the Meaning of Coverage Probabilities

I.P.Zaharov, S.V.Vodotyka, E.N.Sacheva (Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine)
Methods, Models and Algorithms of the Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation in Calibrations

A.Hauswaldt, F.Schieferdecker, K.Sommer (PTB, Germany)
Bayesian Models for the Evaluation of Reference Values

Z.L.Warsza (Polish Metrological Society, Poland), M.J.Korczynski (Technical University of Lodz, Poland)
About Shifted up Cosine Function as Model of Probability Distribution

E.A.Golubev (VNIIMS, Russia)
Methodical Problems of Using the Propagation of Distributions during the Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties

V.I.Belousov, I.I.Degtyarev, V.V.Ezhela, O.V.Zenin, Y.V.Kuyanov, V.N.Larin, K.S.Lugovsky, S.B.Lugovsky, F.F.Tikhonin, N.P.Tkachenko (IHEP, Russia)
Critical Notes on Some ISO GUM Clauses That Provoke Appearance the Incorrect Measured Data in Scientific Literature

W.Bremser (BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany)
Self-Consistent Reference Value Estimation

A.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia), C.Elster, W.Woeger (PTB, Germany),I.Lira (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile)
Evaluating Systematic Differences between Laboratories in Interlaboratory Gomparison

W.Woeger, C.Elster (PTB, Germany), A.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia)
On Linking a RMO Key Comparison to a Related CIPM Key Comparison

Section II. Validation of Software, Used in Metrology

N.Greif (PTB, Germany), G.Parkin (NPL, United Kingdom)
Towards a New Software Guide to Support Measurement Quality

P.I.Neyezhmakov, S.I.Zub (National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine), J.Neumann, N.Zisky (PTB, Germany)
Application of Safe Data Transfer Technologies in Metrology

J.Neumann, N.Zisky (PTB, Germany)
The Example of Electronic Signature Application in Open Measurement Systems

S.F.Levin (Moscow Institute of Expertise and Tests, Russia)
Metrological Validation of Mathematical Assurance and Software for Solution Methods of Measurement Tasks

K.A.Bagaev, S.S.Kozlovskii, I.E.Novikov (CRDI RTC, Russia)
MCC 3D – the Program for Mathematic Modeling with Well-Developed Graphical Interface for Design, Optimization and Calibration of Systems for Ionizing Radiation Detection

Section III. Analytical Measurements

G.R.Nezhikhovskiy (VNIIM, Russia)
Reproduction on a Higher Metrological Level of Units Characterizing Chemical Composition

D.P.Nalobin, E.V.Оsintseva (UNIIM, Russia)
Traceability of Certified Value of Certified Reference Material

O.Anistratov, G.Nezhikovsky (VNIIM, Russia)
The Development of the Notion of the CRM Type

Е.T.Volodarsky, L.A.Koshevaya (Ukraine)
Increasing of the Instrument Accuracy of Chemical Analysis Results

R.L.Kadis (VNIIM, Russia)
Estimation of the Residual Liquid Junction Potential Contribution to the Uncertainty in pH Measurement

A.I.Averbukh (UNIIM, Russia)
Normalization of Accuracy in Measurements of Water Composition and Water Property Indices. Analysis and Mathematical Simulation

V.I.Paneva, L.I.Goryaeva, O.B.Ponomareva, S.V.Shpakov (UNIIM, Russia)
The Place of Interlabaratory Comparisons in Traceability Providing System for Measurement Results Obtained in Laboratories Realizing Analytical Tasks

R.I.Ivanen ("Gipronikel", Russia)
Сomparison of Accuracy Characteristics in the Form of Error Limits and Expanded Uncertainty, Calculated on the Basis of Results Obtained in an Interlaboratory Experiment Performed According to the Spectral Analysis of Nickel

M.M.Bezruchko (VNIIM, Russia)
Establishment of Repeatability Limit for Results of Parallel Determinations in Specifications on Methods of a Quantitative Chemical Analysis


A.I.Averbukh (UNIIM, Russia)
The Results and Characteristics of the Measurement Error. Forms of the Presentation and Rounding

V.I.Belousov, I.I.Degtyarev, V.V.Ezhela, Y.V.Kuyanov, V.N.Larin, K.S.Lugovsky, S.B.Lugovsky, F.F.Tikhonin, N.P.Tkachenko, O.V.Zenin (Particle physics data center, Institute for High Energy Physics, Russia)
Critical Overview of the Quality of Numerical Measured Data Reported in Physics E-Publications and in Physics Data Internet-Resources

V.I.Belousov, I.I.Degtyarev, V.V.Ezhela, Y.V.Kuyanov, V.N.Larin, K.S.Lugovsky, S.B.Lugovsky, F.F.Tikhonin, N.P.Tkachenko, O.V.Zenin (Particle physics data center, Institute for High Energy Physics, Russia)
Necessity and Feasibility of Cooperative Knowledge Generation Base for Research and Education in Fundamental Metrology and Fundamental Physics

Z.L.Warsza (Polish Society of Metrology, Poland), М.Galovska (National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine)
The Best Measurand Estimators of Trapezoidal Probability Distributions

N.D.Zviagin, V.A.Slaev, A.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia)
VNIIM Experience in Validation of Software Used in Metrology

V.B.Latipov, R.R.Dzhambbarov (The agency "UZSTANDART" Research Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (RISMC), Uzbekistan), O.S.Hakimov (The Center of the Legal Standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan (CLS RUz)
Uncertainty of the Oriented Polymers Defects Coordinates Evaluation

C.F.Levin (Moscow Institute of Expertise and Tests, Russia)
GUM as Guide to the Expression of Dispersion in Measurement

I.E.Novikov, L.B.Kogan (Central Scientific-Research Institute RTK, Russia)
Method for Calibrating Spectrometric Dosimeter

O.B.Ponomareva, A.U.Kropanev (UNIIM, Russia)
Optimization of the Requirements to the Laboratory-Information Management Systems

K.Prodanova (Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics)
Experimental Design and Optimization of two Processes for Sewing Industry