International Seminar
"Mathematics, Statistics and Computation to Support Measurement Quality"
29.05.2018-31.05.2018, VNIIM, St.Petersburg

Session 1: Models, hypothesis testing, calculation of measurement uncertainties

M. Cox (NPL, UK)
Mathematical software self-testing

I. Zakharov (NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine)
Kurtosis method for the calculation of expanded uncertainty

R. Kessel (Metrodata GmbH, Germany),R. Kacker (NIST, USA), K.-D. Sommer (Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany).
Modelling measurement processes

V.I. Belousov, I.I. Degtyarev, V.V. Ezhela, N.P. Tkachenko (SRC KI - IHEP, Russia)
Propagation of distributions in multivariate nonlinear dependencies of random quantities

V.I. Belousov, I.I. Degtyarev, V.V. Ezhela, N.P. Tkachenko(SRC KI - IHEP, Russia)

B.Yu. Lemeshko, I.V. Veretelnikova (NSTU, Russia)
On the application of k-samples tests for testing the homogeneity of distribution laws

W. Bich, F. Cabiati (INRIM, Italy)
A novel procedure for the treatment of inconsistent data sets concerning a common measurand

F. Pavese (IMEKO, Italy)
Musing on use and misuse of data in science

V. Lobankov (USPTU, Russia)
On the fundamentals of measurements

V.L. Emanuel (SPbSMU, Russia),G.R. Nezhikhovsky, V.I. Suvorov (VNIIM, Russia).
Methodological foundations of the reference system formation for laboratory diagnostics in the Russian Federation

Session 2: Interval analysis

S.P. Shary (Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS, Russia)
Weak and strong compatibility in data fitting problems for interval data

N. Xiao (University of Oklahoma, USA),F. Fedele, R. Muhanna (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Interval FEM Overestimation Reduction-Matrix Decomposition Approach

B. Desrochers (DGA Tn, France),L. Jaulin (ENSTA-Bretagne, France),S. Kumkov (IMM UB RAS, Russia).
Localization with data association

A.V. Prolubnikov (OSU, Russia).
The set cover problem with interval uncertainties in weights of sets

К.К. Semenov (SPbPU, Russia).
Unified representation of information about the error of measurement results when performing their mathematical processing

S. Kumkov (IMM UB RAS, Russia),L. Jaulin (ENSTA-Bretagne, France).
Comparison of interval analysis methods and standard statistical ones in a problem of estimating experimental data with uncertainties

B.S. Dobronets, O.A. Popova (SFU, Russia).
Increase of accuracy and reliable estimates of the probability density function on the basis of empirical data

Session 3: Estimation of measurement uncertainties in calibration and comparisons

V. Witkovský (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia).
Application of the Least Squares Method for the Calibration Problem by Using the Characteristic Functions Approach

A. Chunovkina, A.Stepanov (VNIIM, Russia).
Calculation of coverage intervals for convolution of the Student distribution and exponential laws

G. Wimmer (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Matej Bel University, Slovakia),P. Pavlásek (Slovak Technical University, Slovak Institute of Metrology, Slovakia),R. Palenčár, S. Duriš, J. Palenčár (Slovak Technical University, Slovakia), M.I. Maniur (Slovak Institute of Metrology, Slovakia).
Possibilities in improving platinum resistance thermometer calibration

E.I. Tsvetkov, E.S Suloeva (ETU, Russia).
Establishment of the characteristics of the measurement standard and the sample volume, ensuring the required reliability of the results of metrological tests

Z. Warsza (PIAP, Poland),J. Puchalski(Central Metrology Office (GUM) PIAP, Poland).
Estimation of uncertainty of indirect measurements in multi-parametric systems. A few examples

А.А. Danilov (FBU "Penza CSM", Russia)
On evaluating the validity of calibration procedures

Session 4: Reference materials and analytical measurements

Е. Sobina (UNIIM, Russia)
Specific features of establishing metrological characteristics of standard samples of sorption properties of solid porous substances and materials

S.V. Medvedevskikh, M.Yu. Medvedevskikh, M.P. Krasheninina (UNIIM, Russia)
Features of processing of results of single measurements in reference materials characterization

W. Bremser (BAM, Germany)
Maths challenges in purity determination

S.A. Miranovich-Kachur (LLC «Profilab», Belarus),N.Yu. Efremova, M.V. Haiduk (BelGIM, Belarus)
Uncertainty in analytical measurement classic method and new approaches to evaluation

О.N. Kremleva (UNIIM, Russia)
Algorithms of processing results of reference material comparisons, recommended by international documents

A.A. Neklyudova, A.A. Demyanov, V.Sh.Sulaberidze (VNIIM, Russia)
Standard samples of liquid viscosity, certified in the temperature range from minus 35 °C to minus 5 °C and from 100 °C to 150 °C

S. Medvedevskikh, V. Kazantsev, A. Vasilyev, V. Firsanov (UNIIM, Russia)
Algorithms for calculating units of surface density and mass fraction of elements in multicomponent coatings using State primary measurement standard GET 168-2015

L.A. Konopelko, A.V. Kolobova, O.V. Fatina (VNIIM, Russia)
Integral assessment of quality of a set of industrially produced gas reference materials

S.V. Medvedevskikh, V.A. Firsanov (UNIIM, Russia)
Uncertainty of measurement results in the form of weighted average estimations with consideration of errors in weighting coefficients

Session 5: Metrology for medicine

O.N. Melkova, E.А. Guskova, A.A. Kiriluk, Y.A. Kudeyarov , E.V. Kuliabina (VNIIMS, Russia),M.V. Balandina, T.V. Grebennikova, V.V. Zybezov(N.F. Gamaleya NRCEM, Russia)
Problems of metrological assurance for measuring test-systems for indicating and identifying of pathogenic biological agents

E.V. Kulyabina, Yu.A. Kudeyarov, O.N. Melkova, E.A. Guskova (VNIIMS, Russia)
Two methods for estimating the measurements results uncertainty of the α-amylase enzyme catalytic activity based on the results of participation in pilot comparisons BIPM CCQM P-137

E.A. Guskova, A.N. Pankov, E.V. Kuliabina, O.N. Melkova (VNIIMS, Russia)
Evaluation of impact software on measurement results

V.N. Kustova, G.R Nezhikhovsky (VNIIM, Russia)
Development and implementation of calibration procedures on the reference materias Uncertainty Calculation

L.A. Konopelko, V.N. Kustova, L.V. Osipova, V.I. Suvorov (VNIIM, Russia)
State and prospects of development of medical and bio-analytical measurements in VNIIM

N.P Muravskaya (VNIIOFI, Russia)
State regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the field of health care on the basis of world practice

M.S. Vonskiy (Institute of Cytology RAS, VNIIM, Russia),L.V. Osipova (VNIIM, Russia),A.L. Runov (Institute of Cytology RAS, VNIIM, Russia)
Problems of traceability and reproducibility of DNA diagnostics results in medicine

V.L. Sidorov (Saint-Petersburg State Healthcare Institution Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination, Russia),L.A. Horovskaya (NWSMU, Russia),O.D. Yagmurov (SPbSMU, Russia)
Effect of the bio-substrate stability on the quality of the PSA and IgG concentration measurements in the forensic-medical examination

L.A. Khorovskaya (NWSMU, Russia),I.O. Schmidt (St. Luka Hospital, Russia),S.N. Kovalyevskaya (Institution of Laboratory Medicine, Russia)
Local validation of pre-analytical stage technologies in a medical laboratory

L.A. Khorovskaya (NWSMU, Russia),L.I. Ivanova («Medical Center Labstori», Russia),Т.V. Lobachevskaya, Yu.P. Kovalchuk, L.V. Kotenko (SPbSMU, Russia), O.V. Chernichuk(Center of occupational pathology Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug Ugra, Russia)
Assessment of comparability of laboratory research methods in the practice of clinical diagnostic laboratories

Poster session

G. Wimmer, V. Witkovský (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)
Revisited S4 from EA-4/02 (Calibration of a gauge block of nominal length 50 mm)

O.Sh. Khakimov, N.Sh. Muminov, B.I. Kasimov, M.O. Sattarov (AndMI, Uzbekistan)
Mathematical, statistical and computer support of measurements quality of dynamic shift viscoelastic properties of liquids

S. Ďuriš (Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia), Z. Ďurišová (Slovak Institute of Metrology, Slovakia), G. Wimmer, V. Witkovský, P. Pavlásek, J. Palenčár (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)
Determination of certified value and its uncertainty by several methods showed on gaseous primary reference material of ethanol in nitrogen prepared by gravimetric method.

A.Bazhenov (SPbPU, Russia)
The use of interval analysis for poorly-posed analytical problems of spectral analysis

V.I. Belousov, I.I. Degtyarev, V.V. Ezhela, N.P. Tkachenko (SRC KI - IHEP, Russia)
e-Metrology in e-Science and in e-Industry is Urgent

Yu.N. Skovorodkina (NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine)
Results of international comparisons measurements of gear wheels with evolvent profile

V.D. Mazin (SPbPU, Russia)
The vector expression of a unit of physical quantity

L.A. Mironovsky (SUAI, Russia), V.A. Slaev (VNIIM, Russia)
Strip-transformation of images and its invariants

A. Stepanov, A. Chunovkina (VNIIM, Russia)
Estimation of confidence bands for linear regression with correlated input data

N.A. Burmistrova, I.V. Viktorov (VNIIM, Russia)
Investigations of the Monte Carlo estimation algorithm for inconsistent data

E.V. Osintseva («Ugrs-PGS», Russia)
Comparison of gas mixtures reference materials: planning and mathematical treatment of the results

P.M. Aronov (UNIIM, Russia)
Estimating consensus mean value of the interlaboratory measurement results with minimum increase of their uncertainty