PTB (Germany), GOSSTANDART of Russia,
D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology

International Seminar
Problems in introduction of the "Guide to the Expression
of Uncertainty in Measurement"
into practical activity of the COOMET state-members

June 14-16, 2000


W.Kessel (PTB, Braunschweig, Germany)
European and international standards for statements
of uncertainty in measurement

H.Bachmair (PTB, Braunschweig, Germany)
Simplified method for uncertainty evaluation in calibration and tests

H.Eckardt (PTB, Berlin, Germany)
Processing the results of the international comparisons of inductances

V.P.Kuznetsov (VNIIMS, Moscow, Russia)
Problems of harmonizing the requirements that exist in Russia
and refer to expression of the accuracy of measurement results
with those outlined in "Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty
in Measurement"

V.A.Slaev (VNIIM, St.Petersburg, Russia)
Recommendations on application of the document "Guide to the
Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement" in Russia

G.R.Nejichovsky (VNIIM, St.Petersburg, Russia)
Relationship between characteristics of uncertainty
and error of measurement

A.Chunovkina (VNIIM, St.Petersburg, Russia)
Uncertainty evaluation in construction of calibration curves

R.L.Kadis (VNIIM, St.Petersburg, Russia)
Evaluation of the uncertainty in analytical measurements.
From the ISO Guide to the EURACHEM/CITAC Guide

V.А.Slaev, А.G.Chunovkina (VNIIM, St.Petersburg, Russia)
Data processing and calculation of uncertainties in key comparisons