International Seminar
"Mathematics, Statistics and Computation to Support Measurement Quality"
5-6 June, 2012, VNIIM, St.Petersburg

Session plenary: Measurement uncertainty I

Alistair B Forbes (NPL, UK)
Uncertainty, Information and Estimation

S.V. Vodotyka, I.P. Zaharov, K.A. Klimova, N.S. Shevchenko (Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine)
Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation for Cases that was not Considered in GUM

W. Woeger (PTB, Germany)
On Independence, Exchangeability and Logical Correlation of Random Variables in Metrology

F. Pennecchi and W. Bich (INRIM, Italy)
Bayesian Inference for Measurements by Counting

N.V. Hovanov (St. Petersburg State University, Russia)
Stochastic Quantification of Nonnumeric Measurement Scales: Theory and Application

I.R. Szajniak (Open Joint-Stock Company "Research Center for Control and Diagnostics of Technical Systems", Russia)
Decision Rule in a Conformity Assessment Procedure under Measurement Uncertainty

F. Pavese (Torino, Italy)
Why the Distinction between Corrections and Input Quantities

N. Greif, H. Schrepf (PTB, Germany)
An Analysis of the GUM from a Software Tester’s Perspective

V.Ya. Kreinovich (University of Texas, USA), L.K. Reznik (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA), K.K. Semenov, G.N Solopchenko (SpbGPU, Russia)
Metrological Self-assurance of Data Processing Software

Session plenary: Interlaboratory Comparison

W. Bremser (BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany)
Measurement Uncertainty Propagation: Making the Median Differentiable

V. Witkovský (Institute of Measurement Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences)
Models and Confidence Intervals for the Common Mean in Interlaboratory Comparisons

O. Bodnar, A. Link, K. Klauenberg, K. Jousten, C. Elster (PTB, Germany)
Bayesian Analysis of Inconsistent Key Comparison Data in the Presence of a Linear Drift

A. Chunovkina, N. Zviagin, N. Burmistrova (VNIIM, Russia)
Heuristic Approach for Interlaboratory Comparisons Evaluation

I.A. Kharitonov (VNIIM, Russia)
Supplementary Comparisons of Standards as a Factor of Actualization of NIMs Measurement Capabilities in New Fields of Activities

E.I. Сvetkov (LETI, Russia)
Analyze of Results in Comparisons of Two Measurement Standards

Session: Measurement Uncertainty II

G.N. Solopchenko (SpbGPU, Russia)
About the Limitation of Application Scope for Recommendations on Measurement Uncertainty Calculation and Evaluation

A.A. Danilov, S.A.Shumarova (FBU "Penza CSM", FSBEI HPE "The Penza State University", Russia)
The Asymmetry of Probabilities Density Distribution Function of the Errors in Measurements Results Obtained with the Help of Complex Measuring Channels of Measuring Systems

V.R. Gavrilov, B.B. Khlevnoy, A.S. Panfilov (VNIIOFI, Russia)
Estimating the Uncertainty for Optical Instruments Radiometric Calibration Using Integrating Sphere

S.F. Levin (The Moscow institute of expertise and tests, Russia)
Statistical Methods in Measuring Problems of Identification for Cosmological Distances Scale

O.L. Ibryaeva (South Ural State University, Russia)
Artificial Signal Poles Elimination in Pade-Laplace Method

P.I. Neyezhmakov, S.I. Zub (NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine) S.S. Zub (T.G.Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Ukraine)
Grid – New Platform for Computer Support of Metrological Tasks

Session: Analytical Measurements

R.L. Kadis (VNIIM, Russia)
What Thing Is Measured in Chemical Analysis: an Analytical Signal or the Content of an Analyte?

L.V. Osipova, O.V. Semenova, S.G. Nejichovskaya, E.V. Osipov (VNIIM, Russia)
Attestation of Gold-silver ore Standard Samples in Process of Laboratory Proficiency Testing

S. Kachur (BelGIM, Republic of Belarus)
Computer Support of Statistical Analysis of the Results of Laboratories Proficiency Testing According to ISO 13528

S.V. Medvedevskih, V.S. Panaeva, O.B. Ponomareva, L.A. Konopelko, G.R. Nezhikhovsky (UNIIM, VNIIM, Russia)
Role of Reference Laboratories in Assuring the Traceability of the Results Obtained in Analytical Measurements

I.Yu. Tkachenko, G.R. Nezhikhovskiy (VNIIM, Russia)
Attestation of a Measurement Procedure for Mass Concentration of Corrosion Inhibitors in Produced Water

O.B. Ponomaryova, A.Yu. Kropanev, N.V. Tobolkina (UNIIM, Russia)
Calculation Algorithms for Metrological Characteristics Used in Procedures for Quantitative Chemical Analysis Recommended for Application in the Territories of the CIS-countries

P.V. Migal, E.M. Gorbunova (UNIIM, Russia)
Reproduction of Mass Concentration of Metals in Typical Matrices of Solid Waste Products by the Method of Atomic Emission Spectrometry with inductively Coupled Plasma (AES ICP). Estimation of Uncertainties in the Obtained Values

E.B. Osintseva, A.V. Sadikova (UNIIM, Russia)
Comparison of Reference Materials for Sulphur Mass Fraction in Crude Oil and Oil Products

Poster Session

T.M. Vladimirova, S.I Tretyakov (Autonomous Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education "M.V.Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University", Russia)
Conduction of Metrological Expertise of Verification Procedure for Automated Meteorological Measuring Systems

B.Ya. Litvinov (Saint-Petersburg State Mining University, Russia)
Change of the Nomenclature of Measurement Procedures and Measurement Capabilities of a Metrology Laboratory

I.E. Ushakov (Saint-Petersburg State Mining University, Russia)
Methods and Means of Measurements of Oil Film Thickness on Water Surface

I.E. Ushakov (Saint-Petersburg State Mining University, Russia)
Estimation of Accuracy of Oil Spillages Area Measurements on Sea Surface with Radar-tracking Means

N.P. Ordinartseva (Penza State University, Russia)
Calibration Experiments by the Method of Hybrid Regression Analysis

A.G. Chunovkina, N.A. Burmistrova, V.A. Slaev (VNIIM, Russia)
About Characteristics of Quality of Measurements and Measurement Results

I.R. Szajniak (Open Joint-Stock Company "Research Center for Control and Diagnostics of Technical Systems", Russia)
Role of Influence Factor’s Nature When Forming Measurement Results

A.V. Sadikova (UNIIM, Russia)
Software Products for Calculation of Metrological Characteristics of Reference Material

T.P. Spiridonova, V.S. Dunaev, A.Yu. Malyshev (FBU "Nizhegorodskiy CSM", Rusiia)
Methodical Questions of Ensuring Quality of Measurement Results, Test Results and Calibration Results. Experience of Carrying out Interlaboratory Comparisons of Standards Belonging to the Organizations of the Volga Federal District

E.N. Korchagina, E.V. Ermakova, M.B. Prudaev (VNIIM, Russia)
Results of the Comparison of National Standards for the Unit of Combustion Energy. Interlaboratory Comparison Tests of the Quality Parameters of Coal and Black-oil Samples

R.R. Djabbarov, A.A. Abdukayumov, O.Sh. Khakimov (SRISMS, “Uzstandard” Agency, Uzbekistan)
The Uncertainty of Measurement of the Complex Reflection Coefficient of Ultrasonic Waves from the Interface between the Solid-Liquid in the Frequency Range 10-150 MHz

International Seminar
Validation of Software Used in Metrology
D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Dieter Richter (PTB, Germany)
Exploitation of International Software Standards in Legal Metrology

S.S.Golubev, Yu.A. Kudeyarov (VNIIMS, Russia)
Practice of Measurement Instruments’ Software Testing

D.R. Vasiliev (ZAO “AKTI-Master”, Russia)
Issues of Practical Application of Recommendations for Checking Measuring Instruments' Software at the Testings for Type Approval

N.D. Zviagin (VNIIM, Russia)
Analysis of the Typical Problems Arising during Software Testing

D.A. Grivastov (SNIIM, Russia)
Procedures of Measuring Instruments Software Audit during Pattern Evaluation in Practice

A. Forbes, Hoang D Minh (NPL, England)
The Generation of Numerical Artefacts for Generalised Regression